Windows WordPress Hosting to Get Your Own Domain for your Business at Cheap Cost

  • • Instant Setup
  • • Lowest Price
  • • Unlimited Email Users

Wordpress Hosting Package

$ 29
per year

WordPress hosting is a gift for those passionate bloggers and business alike

  • • Instant Setup
  • • Lowest Price
  • • Unlimited Email Users
  • WordPress Install
  • MultiSite Support
  • 20 GB Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • FTP Login

Windows Wordpress Hosting

Are you a passionate blogger?

Are you a businessman who wants to host your website with a professional email address?

Are you a budding web designer who wants to start your career by quickly building a website for your client?

Are you a young entrepreneur who wants to host your WordPress based e-commerce site?

If the answer to any of the above questions is 'YES', then you have come to the perfect place. Get your WordPress hosting setup and ready in minutes. You don't have to worry about any of the technicalities behind it. We do it completely for your and make available the WordPress admin area available to you as soon as your sign up. After that, all you have to do is, just fill in the details of the admin area, and get the best and cheap WordPress hosting into business for you.

And guess what, the WordPress site is not hosted on OpenSource Linux platforms, unlike most other hosting providers. The Wordpress hosting with multisite capability is hosted for you on the latest state-of-the-art Windows hosting Server 2016 licensed and fully supported by Microsoft. Hence, you are guaranteed to get a fully secure hosting without any issues and software updates of the operating system backed by Microsoft.

Not just that, with the most affordable WordPress hosting ever available you not just get the full setup and 24x7 available website but also unlimited bandwidth. So, you don't have to worry about the traffic on your site increasing, we have taken care of it. How much ever your traffic increases, you don't have to pay an extra penny.

In addition, you get 20GB of space to store all your website data. So, you never have to worry about space. With the 20GB of space of the SSDs, your website will work the best. Also, we provide you with secure FTP access to the storage so that you can easily upload and download files for your website without having to worry about doing it via the WordPress UI.

In spite of all the above, we provide you with 10 email address hosted on the best email servers absolutely free of cost. You can configure them with your domain. How good isn't it? So not just WordPress hosting, you get ten email address that you can configure with your own domain like yourname@yourdomain.com without paying an extra penny. Isn't that wonderful!



20GB Space

20GB space can be allocated in any way you want to each of your ten web sites. It is a huge amount of space to store and serve hundreds of thousands of files: HTML, ASP, ASPX, PHP pages, photos, Flash, Silverlight, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex and videos.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Serve hundreds of thousands of visitors a month for one web site or many thousands each, across all your web sites.

Web sites

1 Web site

Setup a web site either for your business, your family, your hobby or a blog.

Mail Servers

10 Email Addresses

You can setup 10 email addresses (POP3 and IMAP), catch all mailboxes and each comes with it's own web mail interface.

Software Packages

Unlimited FTP Logins

Setup FTP access to your sites or folders within your sites to have members of your team, your family or freelancers upload and update files on your web sites.

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Control Panel

Configure and control all aspects of your web hosting account easily with the easy to use Plesk control panel. We give you complete control of your account on our servers. Extensive documentation is available.



Install and Run PHP applications of which you can select to run PHP 4 to PHP 7.x code in your site.


  • All the Windows hosting technology you need in just the right amounts for an amazing price.
  • Get instantly Setup.
  • Everything you need for 10 web sites running a mix of ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, Python, MySQL, SQL Server and more.
  • You can seamlessly upgrade to Designer or ProDev at any time.
  • Rest assured knowing you have the support of people with 25 years Windows hosting experience.