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Windows Hosting Experience From NT to 2016 from .Net Betas to .Net Framework 4.7. We've been hosting since the beginning of Windows on the Internet.

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Fuel all your sites with applications, databases, scripts and a whole lot more. Get total flexibility with a Windows hosting package from M6.Net.

All accounts (shared and reseller) are setup on cloud infrastrcture for maximum uptime and redundancy. Your sites are not setup on individual servers, they are run on clusters of servers.

Getting your web site and email up and running is simple. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and you can have your web site up and working along with a rich mail server setup on our SmarterMail mail servers.

We include industrial strength spam filtering by default with NO EXTRA CHARGES. The price you see on our accounts includes everything. Most hosts offer a low price and sneak in the extras. We don’t.

Click around your Plesk or WebSitePanel & SmarterMail for full Control of Your Web Infrastructure.

You have complete control over all settings. As you grow, your ideas grow and your technical skills grow your M6.Net Windows web hosting account will be ready for you.

Wether you want to run the latest, most advanced and intricately developed PHP, ASP.Net (C#, F#, VB.Net), Python, Perl on SQL Server, MySQL, PostGresSQL or SQL Lite Database – yep it’s a no brainer and no problems with your M6.Net hosting account. We aim to provide simple, no-nonsense plans and pricing with technically brilliant and feature flexible infrastructure to power your internet presence.

Develop and run whatever code you want.

You can host sites and web applications built with Classic ASP, PHP, ASP.Net, Python or even Perl (for the brutally tough coder!)

Rest assured your toughest problems will always get solved. We've been supporting and hosting all these technologies since 1997.

WorldClass, Exchange Like Email

SmarterMail has become the defacto standard for Email services on Windows Servers.

We were one of the original beta testers back in 2003 and have been running SmarterMail since 2004.

SmarterMail gives you an Outlook like experience with extensive features and a responsive webmail interface. As standard we provide Commtouch Antispam services to all mailboxes.


Whe you start your web presence- you just want simple and simply now. As time progresses you find you need more, you need to be able to adapt to the changing nature of business, requirments and technology. We know how it goes -- with almost two decades of experience we've seen it all.

We provide stock standard pricing for incredibly flexible plans. We sarted back in 1997 frustrated becuase we could not run multiple sites and multiple databases with one account to role out a fully integrated web app developed in ASP and SQL Server. Both were horrendously expensive. We changed that back in 1997. Then we made automated. Then we gave even more control. That attitude continues today and will tomorrow. You're in good, flexible hands at M6.Net - so you can grow and adapt.

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